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Security, Armed Response, Monitoring & Crime Prevention

Divergent Ops is an elite security company based in South Africa.

We offer fast armed response and guarding services with highly professional site monitoring by our Head Quarters. Our services include technologically advanced alarm and surveillance systems.

We are serious about your safety and serious about combating crime within our community.

Divergent Ops is owned and managed by Tobie du Preez. His extensive knowledge and experience in the security industry started over two decades ago and includes tactical, maritime and military training. With over two decades experience in the industry means you are getting the best in terms of planning and tactical solutions.

Our mindset is of a wider scope than just that of security. Having work experience in law enforcement, military, maritime security, emergency services, criminal investigations and more, we apply this knowledge when assessing risk in terms of your requirements.

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Tobie du Preez is an advanced weapon instructor and assessor with international experience and has gained invaluable experience in Hostile Environment Close Protection Operations (HECPO). He has over 17 years’ experience in the security, military and governmental sectors, coupled with 7 years of experience in the private sector as a business manager and operations manager.

We employ top grade staff and we firmly believe in the improvement of skills by setting the bar at the highest level. Passion, loyalty and dedication are of the utmost importance in our work ethic. We always go above and beyond in terms of our service offering.